The Fearless and the Faint

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A Truth I Never Thought I'd Find


Those lips are a truth I never thought I’d find
With only a kiss, I saw I had been blind

War inside the fearless and the faint
War inside the sinner and the saint

I would give it all, life eternal too
I would give it all for you, only you, my love.

Cancel the bells, the angels, and the choir
With only a look, my soul was set on fire

Years that had been wasted
When the days had never tasted
So sweet to me
Pages I was turning, with the hope
That I was learning, never set me free

War inside the wicked and the saved
War inside the righteous and depraved

I would give it all, life eternal too
I would give it all for you, only you
Oh my restless heart and soul will always follow you

The mountains and the moon
The sky and ocean blue
The beating of my heart
And the setting sun for you

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

Brand New Start


Another sun is setting
An orange fire consumes the blue
We never show a weakness
I never drop my guard and neither do you

And I thought that I could love you
But was scared that I’d get hurt
Blood of blood, crimson sleep
Blossoms on my shirt

Place my wounded hand onto your heart
Whisper in my ear make a brand new start
We will fade away like the setting summer light
And curse our love into the darkest night

And there is such a silence
Growing in the atmosphere
But these are fleeting moments
That seem to leave as quickly as they appear

And you thought that you could love me
But was scared that you’d get hurt
Dust from dust, crimson sleep
Rains upon the dirt

Won’t you stay by my side?
Save me at last tonight

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

Turn The Hunter Captive Prey


Hole in my heart I waited up all night for you
Tore me apart stranded under stars so blue

If I were wise I’d find the strength to stay away
Your wounded eyes turn the hunter captive prey

One by one like promises we made
One by one the stars begin to fade

And they will burn, darling, waiting for your love
I never learn, darling, praying up above… for you

You brought me to my knees
Struck me like a church bell
You whisper through the trees
And I am under your spell

Lost in the snow you call on me to rescue you
I didn’t know you were seeking something new

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

Day Becomes Night


Cut your hair, change your name
Maybe things will not feel the same
Stay out late at brand new places
Surrounded by brand new faces

Gonna play the part, gonna fake a smile
Try to keep it together for a little while

One word and oceans burn, mountains crumble
Day becomes night, angels stumble
Lost inside the stars above
Standing on the edge waiting for a shove

Turn the key and don’t look back
Headlights cut into the black

Gonna disappear with every mile
Try to keep it together for a little while

I took the wheel so you crashed me
I was your mirror so you smashed me
I tried to hold you so you thrilled me
I tried to save you from the dark sea

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

Like Water Through My Hands


I thought that I could carry you across the desert sands
But you slipped between my fingers like water through my hands

I’m lost and I am thirsty I wander and I roam
Without you I’m an orphan praying for a home

Oh love, I thought we’d make it through
Oh love, my world depends on you

Honey you were there for me when I was lost in space
I knew that I was home again when I saw your face

You held my head upon your heart when I was cold and aching
You ran your fingers through my hair to stop my body shaking

Oh love, I wish that you could see
Oh love, what you mean to me

Springtime turns to summer, summer turns to fall
You were lost and scared that you were not the same at all
I held you through the darkest nights when things were at their worst
But woke to find you disappeared, you thought your heart was cursed

Oh love, I thought you could be true
Oh love, I only wanted you
Oh love, we could have made a brand new start
Oh love, you were careless with my heart

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

The Coldest Stone


Who can say what’s wrong
It feels like a curse
Nothing seems the same
And after sundown it’s worse

Still the morning comes over and over
As if it’s a game
I open my eyes with hope to find
It’s just more of the same

Torn between the coldest stone
And earthen chains of flesh and bone
Lost beneath the open sky
With sleep and faith in short supply

Dusk till dawn I carry on

I searched in every bottle
And I’ve tried every pill
I’ve looked for clues on paper
And I’ve combed every hill

I’ve lost my hope and gained it
Time after time
I wasted so many days away
It should be a crime

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

All I Thought I Wanted


All my dreams were gathered
And then poured into the sea
All my childhood wishes
Everything I thought that life would be

Silently I waited
As they fell into the black
I knew I had to let go
Because I knew that I was never coming back

The moment I first saw you
Everything was rearranged
And all I thought I wanted
Suddenly had changed
(Nothing was the same)

I traded all I knew
And made a bargain with the sky
There’s been rain and there’s been sunshine
But I’m never looking back and that’s no lie

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

Trails Of Red


Trails of red run deep through softly fallen snow
Silence covers everything in the valley down below
Beasts of every size are hunting in my mind
Tracking down all that I love that I had left behind

Silent is the moon and hides behind the trees
Casting hazy shadows on the land it oversees
The life I once had known feels just like a dream
Reflected on the surface of an ever changing stream

I am the light painted pale as bone
I am the night of darkest stone
Stay with me you never have to roam
Take my hand to guide you home

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

Your Face Was The Future


Those eyes, darling, cut the deepest yet
Straight to the marrow like a promise, like a threat
I’m having waking dreams and all I see is you
An angel or a demon I guess I never knew

Oh, to me, your face was the future

Those lips, darling, turned my blood to wine
Then kissed me to the bottom
Of the deepest, darkest brine
I saw the surface below the waves upon the dawn
Then I became a stranger so I could carry on

Oh, to me, your face was the future

It should’ve been us down in New Orleans
Saving our love on the Vieux Carré
With the sun in the sky, the new world is ours
Waiting for nightfall to melt with the stars
And holding you close and drinking it in
The passing of time and the touch of your skin

Oh, to me, your face was the future

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic



Something deep in your blood changed your brain
Took pieces one by one until nothing remained
And as the shadows bleed upon the land
I follow you down to the water and sand

I put my bravest face on as the sun hits the sea
It’s a matter of time before you turn on me

My love it couldn’t save you
My love could never stop the danger
My love it couldn’t fix you
And you became a stranger

Somewhere deep in your heart I know you’re there
Under the winter of skin and hollow stare

I suppose you couldn’t help it, but it hurts just the same
I was playing with fire, and got burned by the flame

I keep checking the post for a letter
Hoping you wrote to tell me you’re better

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

So Blue


All the times that we said goodbye
All the tears that we cried
All the nights that I needed you
To be right by my side

Let love belong to lovers
Let love belong to you
Never have I seen the sky so blue

Every grain will someday be
Swept away by the tide
Oh, the years that I foolishly
Thought time was on my side

All around the town I fell
And rolled upon the ground until
The world it seemed to stop
And all was still

Just as all of the pouring rain
Can turn into the snow
In this life there is joy and pain
And more than one can know

Copyright © 2015 Brett Borovic

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